Composer, Producer, Sound Designer, Musician

Simone Bosco completed his musical studies in composition, arrangement, drums and percussion at the ‘Scuola Civica di Torino’.
Subsequently, he entered the three years of the European Advanced Music Courses at the ‘Accademia di Siena Jazz’ under the guidance of internationally renowned teachers.

He has a personal style complex, developed through an artistic path that touches different fields of expression.
The use of electronic components in the context of its production led him to enrich their sound horizon characterized by research and experimentation.

From 1999 to 2022, they recorded 16 record works (four of which were voted among the 10 best European electronic music albums of the year). With the duo OZMOTIC, they are the only Italians to record and release for the iconic London label Touch.
From 2005 to 2022, he wrote music for 17 theatre productions.
In 2009 and 2010 he composed the soundtrack for several readings.
From 2000 to 2022, he composed the music for 2 short films.

Simone Bosco has an international concert activity (France, England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta, Holland, Austria, Russia, Luxembourg, Norway, Israel, Iran, Sweden, China) that has led him to perform in prestigious theatres (Royal Hall in London, Elisabeth Hall in London, Army Theatre in Sarayevo, Theatre of Petrozavodsk, Teatro Regio and Teatro Carignano in Turin, Corner Exchange in Cambridge and in renowned festivals (London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh, Manchester, Marseille, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, St.Petersburg, Weimar, Oslo). St. Petersburg, Weimar, Oslo, Valletta, Bologna, Bordeaux, Cologne, Frankfurt, Lyon, Limoge, Milan, Naples, Venice, Valladolid, Berchidda, Bastia, Florence, Genoa, Graz, Teheran, Gothenburg, Shenzhen, Hong Kong).

He has collaborated with musicians such as Christian Fennesz, Murcof, Senking, Bretschneider, Ernst Reijseger, William Parker, Paul Bollenbeck, Andrei Kondakov, Vladimir Mishin, Audry Chen, Taylor Ho Binum, Mary Alvorson, Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Davide Livermore, Trio Debussy, Torino Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro Regio di Torino collaborated with dancers Giorgio Rossi, Alessandro Certini, Marigia Maggipinto, Giorgia Bovo and with singer-songwriters Alberto Cesa and Giorgio Conte.

Awards and Special Events

n 2001 he represented Italy in the International Biennial of Sarajevo.
In 2002 he won the “Movin ‘up” award of the italian ministry of culture.
In 2006 he played and conducted 80 percussionists in the opening ceremony of the XX Olympic Games in Turin broadcast worldwide.

Training and teaching activities

He teaches Electronic Music and Sound Design, Drums and Percussion at the “Istituto Civico L. Sinigaglia” in Chivasso in agreement with the “G. Verdi” Conservatory in Turin and at the “Bibliopan” Foundation in S. Maurizio
He collaborates with “K Events”, Paolo Alto, BPI for the realisation of special projects for companies (Fastweb, Levi’s, Nestlè, Che Banca).


-Alchemic Trio – “Triple Point” (Splas(h) World Series 2005) Bosco- Reijseger-Conto (voted among the records of the year by “Musica Jazz” in 2005)
– Qfwfq -”Elle Se Prend” (Nota 2003) Bosco-Ajassot-Risso
– Dadadang – “Musiche di Scena” (2001)
– Alchemic Duo – “Dialoghi” (Independent Arts 2001) Bosco-Conto
– Qfwfq – “Provare In Canto” (Note 2001) Bosco-Ajassot-Risso
– Qfwfq – “Scaraborecchi” (Panastudio 1999) Bosco-Ajassot-Rigoletti- Ballestrero-Risso
– X Quartet “Suite for Quartet”(Di Nunzio, Caliri, Bolognesi Bosco) (Splas(h) 2005)
– Mu Orchestra ‘Duke 1.06’ (MU-Label 2007)
– Cantuarium “Gregorianum” (OZ 2007)
– Cantuarium “Malleus Maleficarum” (Blindluck-OZ 2009)
– CUBE ‘Cutting Music’ (SObject 2010)
– Ozmotic+C. Fennesz ‘AirEffect’ (FolkWisdom/2015) (voted one of the 10 best European electronic albums of 2015)
– OZmotic “Liquid Times” FolkWisdom/SObject (2016) (voted among the 10 best European electronic albums of 2016)
– OZmotic “Elusive Balance” Touch (2019) (voted among the 10 best European electronica albums of 2019)
– OZmotic+aa.vv. “Isolation” Touch (2021)
– OZmotic+Christian Fennesz “SenzaTempo” Touch (2023)


– Music for the short film “Torino-Terni” directed by Massimiliano Quirico
– Music for the short film “Il Sindaco” with Ottavia Piccolo directed by Massimiliano Quirico

Theatre Productions

– “Medèè” with Were LiKing (production Teatro Stabile Torino)
– “Peter Pan” (production Teatro Due Parma, Teatro Regio Torino)
– “…E Weill” (production Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Baretti)
– “La vergine della Tangenziale” (production Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Baretti)
– “Cabaret” (Production Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Baretti)
– “La ballata di Huè ” (Production Teatro Baretti)
– “Bure Baruta” (Production Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Baretti)
– “Con il vento alle spalle” (Production Teatro Baretti)
– “Opera dei Figuranti” (Production Teatro Stalker)
– “Il tavolo della Concert(o)azione” (Production Teatro Stalker)
– “Jerusalem” (Teatro Stalker Production)
– “L’impresa dei 100” (Production Teatro Stalker)
– “Drama Sound City” (Teatro Stalker production)
“Steli” (Production Teatro Stalker)
– “La Passione” (Faber Teater production)
– “Anabasi” (Faber Teater production)
– “Sconcertino” (Uni Teatro Production)